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It's A Great Time To Buy A Toledo or Maumee Home

Market Update 11/19/2013 - The above is still true, BUT, home prices are starting to rise. There's a shortage of nice homes in many areas, which increases prices. Multiple offers are becoming the norm.

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1. I want to thank you for all of your help on the properrty on Lincoln Ave. You went above and beyond what anyone would have had a right to expect from a real estate agent. I had never met you before, yet you treated me as if we had known each other for years. Even though the property I was interested in only had an asking price of $19,000, you treated it with the same interest as if it was a million dollar property. The fact that I was out of town, caused me some reticence, but you put me completely at ease. Without coaxing on my part, you suggested you would go by the property and give me your honest opinion of the condition of the neighborhood and the property itself. You then suggested you would take a friend who was a builder with you for a second viewing, and he would check the whole building inside and out for structural integrity and repair. After viewing the property you suggested to me your honest opinion of the condition of the property, what repairs it needed, and with this information I decided to seek other opportunities. Without your unbiased opinion and timeless work, I would have made a big mistake. Even though telling me the truth about the condition of the property cost you a commission, you still told me the truth, which I doubt one person in a million would have done. That makes you one in a million! I wouldn't hesitate to put my total trust in you again in the future, and look forward to conducting extensive business with you in the future, I would recommend you to my closest friends or family with complete confidence that hey were in the best of hands. I am eternally grateful for your help. all I can say is thank you very much, you have restored my faith in mankind!

2. We were very happy with the service you provided and will recommend you every time we get a chance!

3. Dee was great and took the time necessary to explain the local market, educate us on the buying process, and negotiated a fair price on our home. We were very pleased with our decision to select Dee and this is backed up by the fact that we have now used her to list our property for sale.